What makes a good dog clicker?

If you are training your dog, you will probably need to buy a dog clicker to ensure the training’s quality. However, with so many options available, finding the right dog clicker will not be easy. There are many differences in each type of clicker. What makes a good clicker? Does it suit your dog? Do not worry! We are here already. Let’s find out what to keep in mind when choosing a dog clicker right away.

Each dog usually has a different way of training, so you should find a clicker that fits its characteristics. Some dogs like soft sounds, others like loud clicks. The correct clicker selection makes dog training easier! Here are some things to keep in mind:

Easy to use

The best dog clicker priority is to be easy to use. It is a mechanical device, not a programmer. So press the button to make a click! The intensity of the click sound emitted by clicking the clicker button is essential. Try using it a few times in advance to see if it makes a sound before you get used to the clicker by your fluffy friend. By pressing and releasing the button, training new dog tricks will be much easier.


The best dog clicker needs to be durable. It will be a pity and waste if you buy a broken clicker after using them a few times. If you are about to buy a clicker dog, we recommend buying more than one to prevent your clicker from being lost or broken. In addition, after a period of use, the clicker will gradually lose the original sound intensity. So it’s better if you have another spare in your backpack.

We all know that more expensive products will be more durable. However, many brands offer good dog clicks with a variety of colors and features. Outdoor training sessions will likely take place in extreme weather conditions with rain, snow, etc. Therefore, it is better if you carefully research the clicker brands before buying. A metal box clicker is a perfect choice.

Wrist strap

The wristband allows training to be easy. You can use the clicker on your wrist every time you don’t use it without worrying about losing, dropping, or accidentally stepping on them. For some dog clicker brands, the wristband is considered a standard feature. However, some other product lines are designed in loops or clips to attach to clothes. But above all, you should make sure that the clicker you buy won’t naturally disappear.

The material of dog clicker

If you do not want your clicker to be crushed or crumbled, then choose durable padded materials. There are many different types of clicker. A square clicker made from plastic can hurt your hand because of its corners during long training sessions. Metal materials often rust when they are wet or outdoors. So a clicker with rubber buttons and soft vinyl give you more comfort in your hand and metal-like durability.


Most clickers have similar designs, but there are a few brands that have come up with different shapes that make training much more interesting. However, no matter how the style changes, clickers still need to be compact, easy to carry in a bag or backpack.

Before making a choice, be sure to check out the buttons, pitch, style, and accessories to make sure it fits your workout. Typically, the ring-shaped design allows for easier handling.


Portability is important when looking for a good dog clicker! Make sure it fits in your pocket or your dog. Please stay away from clickers that are too bulky because they will interfere with your training.

Intensity of sound

Clicker dogs make different sounds. Shy and timid dogs will startle or panic if the click is too loud. Dogs with hearing problems require greater pitch. Therefore, look for a clicker with the sound intensity that suits your dog’s needs. There are also products that allow you to change the pitch easily.

In short

Above are a few characteristics that you cannot ignore when buying the dog clicker. A clicker will only promote its function when used properly and the right object. We hope that this article will help you choose the best dog cliker for your little friend. Have a nice day.

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