Should You Consider Changing Dog Foods?

On a mission for nutrition?  Belle, that was a good donut…  Cujo, Where’s my donut?

Previously we created the post How to Choose the Perfect Dog Food where we discuss Diamond, Pro Pac Puppy, and things to consider before you commit.

Over time Belle seemed to not hold weight as well, and she would lose her appetite easily.  Pro Pac Puppy does have great ratings on Dog Food Advisor but if your dog doesn’t want to eat the food their will be no benefits!

Typically Boston Terriers are more likely to be overweight, but so far I have trouble keeping weight on my dogs.

I researched all of the dog foods at our local Tractor Supply, and coop but still did not know which one would be more likely to keep weight on.

Then my mom mentioned Victor.

Its great for active dogs…. although it might have to much fat for some which could make them more prone to being overweight.

I ordered my first bag of Victor Hi-Pro Plus from Chewy.

Belle gained her appetite back!  We also switched Cujo to Victor.

Our current puppies Stella and Sherry do great on Pro Pac.  They still have an appetite, but its just not the right food for Belle and Cujo.

BUT is dry dog food right for you?

Dry dog food has less nutrition than wet dog food.  If you are wanting a higher quality product check out the newest addition to the dog food market… delivery service.  Meals are customized to your pet.  If your considering this service see article on the best delivery products available here.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching to a Different Brand

  • Is my dog still interested in his food?
  • Does he still hold weight, or his he overweight?
  • Do I want a brand with more nutrition?

Some people alternate dog food brands because they feel it gives their dog better nutrition.  I haven’t ever tried this approach, but it works for some.

We are about to go off subject… but Belle had her puppies 11 days early..

They were all dead.

It was a SAD SAD day.

Belle looked so sad.. then she had to be put on antibiotics for an infection.

We only hope to prevent this problem in the future… but we aren’t going to dedicate an entire post on miscarriage.

Plus I really don’t want to relive the experience.

Therefore… it is important to feed your dogs quality food so that they can bounce back from illness better.

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