Adding to Our Breeding Program

Should we add an AKC dog or a more affordable dog to our breeding program?

We decided to add a dog or two to our breeding program.

For our first step we made a trip to the Wheaton, Mo Dog Auction.

The cheapest Boston terrier at the sale was $1,500… and that was for a puppy.  I wanted to add another AKC dog but in the end we settled for two NAPR females who have an AKC daddy.

12 weeks old…

so it will be awhile before they can have puppies.

They are perfect!!

Now we will be able to offer more affordable puppies.

Stella and Sherry didn’t know what to think of Belle and Cujo for the first couple of days, but eventually they started playing.

The many faces of a Boston terrier!

Have you thought about how you will add to your breeding program?

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