May 2018


The kennel wasn’t holding heat… Cujo’s heating pad wasn’t enough.  We decided to insulate.

If you have not been following our dog kennel construction posts you can catch up here.

Measure between the studs to find the correct width of insulation then stuff it in between!

On the ceilings we stapled it in place, but this isn’t needed on the sides.  Eventually we will use shower board to cover up the insulation.

How To Cut Insulation

You will need a utility knife, tape measure, and a short 2 x 4.  The 2 x 4 needs to be at least the width of your insulation size.

  • Determine the length that you need with a tape measure.  (Its okay if the insulation is an inch or so longer but NEVER go shorter because holes will make the insulation less effective!)
  • Use the 2 x 4 to flatten out the insulation, and to help you cut a straight line
  • Place your knees on the 2 x 4 to hold the insulation flat
  • Scrape the knife repeatably across the insulation insulation until it is cut.
  • Shove the insulation into the space!  It doesn’t have to be pretty… eventually you will want to cover the insulation with some type of easy to clean board.  If you don’t cover the insulation it will get ruined…

or dogs will rip it to shreds!

This is the type of insulation we used.

Did you know that insulation makes you itch?  In other words I couldn’t wait for this project to be done!

I have not completed a post on pen building yet because we haven’t decided what material to make our pens out of.   Some kennels even have companies such as D and D Kennel Buildings & Supplies LLC. build their dog pens.

The pens will be our next project!

Right now we have a temporary pen for Cujo and Belle stays in the house.

When it comes to dog pens the goal is a material that is easy to clean…but affordable as possible.