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The kennel wasn’t holding heat… Cujo’s heating pad wasn’t enough.  We decided to insulate. If you have not been following our dog kennel construction posts you can catch up here. Measure between the studs...

The Secret to Saving Money on Paint

It took 5 times as long to restore the Sistine Chapel than it originally took Michelangelo to paint it.  Let us attempt to save you more money than they saved time.

Kennel Siding

As part of Step #3… this kennel needs some siding!  Most of these pictures speak for themselves, but this siding is 4×8 Smart Siding.  It was attached with 8d galvanized nails.  The following picture...

Kennel Flooring

The featured picture shows the wooden floor we have to work with.  It was the original floor in the portable building.  Our original plan was to paint it… even after using oil based exterior...


This shed has been leaking for years… good thing my husband can fix ANYTHING!