Do you Want to Create a Kennel?

If you are interested in starting a dog breeding kennel then you are in the right place!

I will be linking all of my posts that pertain to updating, building, and moving our kennel to this page.

In some posts I do mention how much we paid for our materials…

Please keep in mind that this is how much we paid based off of our area, the exact product we used, and how much of the materials we already had on hand.  Before you make the decision to build a kennel, or update a building please check your local prices.

Hopefully this will help you gain some insight on how to create your kennel!

  1. Moving the Shed to our House
  2. Dog Kennel “Before” Photos
  3. Kennel Flooring
  4. Siding
  5. Roof
  6. Electric:  Part I
  7. Electric:  Part II
  8. Door Installation
  9. Paint:  How We Saved Money
  10. Insulation
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